lulu & nike – my fashion reality

I would really like to say that I am one of those people that wakes up every day for class and puts together the most perfect outfit… But the obvious truth is, i’m not. Unless it is a day where I have afternoon classes only, I will usually be seen decked out from head to toe in nike and lulu lemon. I can’t remember when my lulu lemon obsession started, but it is safe to say it is one that is not healthy for my bank account. I reason with myself every time I am in a lulu store that I will wear whatever I am contemplating all the time… that between dance and pure barre it is a no-brainer. Sure it is a no-brainer until I leave the store with two pairs of leggings and zero money in my bank account. Oh good Sammy! Another week of living off of mini wheats and fiber one bars because of my impulse buy at lulu. Totally rational decision. I can honestly say I have never left a lulu store empty-handed. No, I am not proud of it. In addition, to my lulu addiction, just like any other girl I can’t help but want a pair of nike frees in every color. Every day I wear a pair of nike frees. Everyone wears them these days but that doesn’t matter to me because they are the most comfortable shoes EVER. I mean that. So yes I spend too much money on nike and lulu but at the end of the day, they are great products that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Check out my favorites below!

lululemon, can’t stop running pant, $108


lulu lemon bitty bracer, $68

9644170lulu lemon, CYB tank, $64


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