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Beyoncé Knowles- Conquering All via Web

My favorite artist, Beyonce Knowles, is known for many things including successfully producing music, directing and creating world-renown tours, giving generously to charities, and much more. Some of Beyonce’s success and her growing fan-base could be attributed to her empowering online presence. Click here to see the official Beyonce website. Beyonce’s website is a domain to all information pertaining to Beyonce, linking to her Facebook pages, Tumblr blog, and Instagram account. I spent an hour alone in the video diary section of her tumblr, watching short videos created during her Mrs. Carter Tour. This website does an amazing job of giving fans a unique, inside look into what Beyonce is up to, what she is promoting, what contests she is having, what charities she is raising money for, and of course, all information concerning her world wide tour. Her website is extremely appealing visually using clean-cut lines and crystal-clear images. Also, you are able to look back at all her past albums, listen, and buy tracks when clicking on the music tab. The tabs labeled “vault” and “beyhive blog” are my favorites among all of the options on the website. The vault brings you to all the photos and videos of Beyonce’s recent world tour.


The behive blog is a direct blog curated by Beyonce of what she is “doing, wearing, loving, hearing, and reading.” I think it is pretty amazing that fans can interact with Beyonce on a blog basis like this and see what she is up to on a more personal level. Beyonce even posts about her fans in her blog and shares pictures, projects, paintings, and videos that her fans have made for her.  The only suggestion I would have for this already successfully set up website, is a place for feedback from visitors. I wouldn’t want to see feedback everywhere on the website, because that would take away from the style and appeal. But I do think it would be interesting for there to be a specific platform on the website for only fans to interact and talk about all things Beyonce. I think this factor could add to her already massive fan-base. I think this website does a great job of promoting Beyonce in the digital space using several links to outer social media platforms, and giving the viewers plenty of places to go to receive different information concerning Beyonce.


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