Odds & Ends

Homecoming Weekend + KK’s Birthday

This past weekend was an eventful one. First of all it was LSU homecoming so naturally Suz and Steve made plans far in advance to come out for the weekend. The weekend was a complete success and everyone had so much fun. The first night, when my parents, Sam’s parents and Sarah’s parents arrived in Baton Rouge, we went to Sullivans for a huge dinner all together. It was absolutely insane how much food there was. It was so delicious- I can always count on a solid meal when the parents come in to town! Also, I may or may not have become best friends with Sam’s dad while my dad also became Mr. Yelnick’s side kick the whole weekend. Between acting like 5-year-old boys and bothering all the girls to lugging heavy coolers across the parade grounds, Steve-O and Jack Yelnick truly bonded. We made friends with this amazing tailgate which had the BEST music (Garth Brooks, Guns & Roses, Tim McGraw, ACDC, The Beatles- which Suz loved and so on) and they were the sweetest people. We spent practically our whole day there. All of the homecoming events were so much fun and I am so glad my parents were able to make it out!

In addition to homecoming weekend, it was my sister, Katie’s golden birthday! She turned 26 on Saturday and since I couldn’t be with her, I made a video with all her friends saying happy birthday. Of course by the time I needed to post it I forgot to put my portion in and I was in bed already, so my part makes me look like I’m 10-years-old. Regardless, she loved it and I loved putting it together. Check it out!


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