The Chill

Growing up in Colorado, I have experienced plenty of cold weather. From week long snow days, to below freezing temperatures that begin in October and continue well into March (with the occasional random 70 degree day, which is then followed by a news-breaking snow storm), I can say I have truly experienced it all.

Living in Baton Rouge isn’t quite the same, considering until today, it has never been below 60 degrees. As much as I love the warm weather and wearing out my Rainbow flip flops year-round, I couldn’t help but be a little excited today when Baton Rouge news said the first “cold snap” has arrived. I could finally break out my North Face vest and scarf which to be honest, I never thought I would actually miss. But here I am, completely in love with the idea that today I could turn on my butt-warmers in my car and wear layers on layers of clothes.

This day is truly celebratory for me, if you can’t already tell, so I felt the need to talk about a few of my favorite “cold weather” clothes and turn on some Christmas music. Yes, I know it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, and before this year, I always followed Nordstrom’s lead (they are the only department store that doesn’t put out decorations for christmas until AFTER thanksgiving) in holding back and not jumping the gun on the Christmas craze, but I gave in. And I’m not sorry.

Here are some of my favorites for when the chill rolls in:


I call these gloves the convertible mitten. You can put them on as mittens or put the top down and have your fingers exposed. These ones are free people and look amazing!


 Oh, Slouchy beanie, how I love you.


The ever popular infinity scarf. Don’t ask how many of these I own…


 Cute socks or half leggings to pair with boots. The top sticks out of your boot (which looks so cute) and keeps your legs warm when it gets really cold!


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