Odds & Ends

“And though she be but little, she is fierce”

helloworld1Since I have started blogging, I haven’t written much about myself. I don’t mean that I haven’t talked about things I do or things I find interesting, but I haven’t yet posted about just me, who I am and where I come from. I realized this part of my blog was missing after being told by my Visual Communications professor to turn in a blog post talking about who I am. I’d be lying if I said it’s easy for me to talk about myself. As I began writing this post I sat in front of my computer for 45 minutes contemplating where to start.

Those that are close to me know my life has been anything but a straight and narrow path. I’m “that girl” that takes the types of risks that continually surprise my family, closest friends and even myself. I act on impulse and follow my gut instinct more often than not. To tell you everything about myself would require you to be reading this post for the next two days, so let me summarize with bullet-points.


  • I was born in Long Beach, California, then moved to Marietta, Georgia, and then moved again to Colorado. While being in Colorado my family moved three times within the state before finally settling down in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.
  • I will absolutely find my way back to California after I graduate.
  • I have one older sister named Katie who is 6 years older than me. Katie lives in Dallas, Texas and is an account executive at The Marketing Arm.
  • Katie is responsible for naming me Samantha because of her obsession with the original American Girl Doll named Samantha. If being named after a doll isn’t creepy, I don’t know what is. In our younger years, she enjoyed bullying me (Refer to picture- I was forced to smile). But now, she is my best friend (I obviously don’t hold grudges).


  • I have danced since I was three. I have trained in every style of dance and have hopes of pursuing a career in dance and then integrating my advertising major into the dance industry.
  • I am very small. Most people look at me and think I am 12 years-old. But I enjoy my smallness. Shakespeare had it right when he said, “And though she be but little, she is fierce”
  • Last year I attended the University of Kansas. I transferred to LSU at the beginning of this year and love everything about the school and Baton Rouge.
  • I have a wild obsession with Beyoncé. This is not the type of obsession that has been a result of her recent success. I have loved her since I was listening to Destiny’s Child on my disc man in 1999. Katie and I had floor seats at her concert last summer in Dallas and it is obvious that not even my wedding day will come close to topping that experience.
  • My whole life my family has owned golden retrievers. If there is something I love as much as Beyoncé, it is golden retrievers. If all else fails in my life, I will breed goldens and be the happiest person alive. Yes, I realize how weird and creepy that just sounded.

Already, I appreciate my Visual Communications class for giving me the opportunity to expose who I truly am through my blog. I am so eager to get this Visual Communications class started because not only do I love creating and learning new information pertaining to my major, but since the moment I sat down in this class, I was captivated.  Over the next semester, I am looking forward to so many things such as learning about Adobe Creative Cloud and becoming more knowledgeable about how to successfully communicate through visual platforms. An added bonus will be improving my blog on the way!

Here’s to becoming a visual communicator this semester!


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