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Beats vs. Sony X

I love music therefor the way I listen to music is important. I have always been a fan of the ever popular Beats by Dr Dre, but I became curious about the newer Sony X headphones after seeing an advertisement for them on YouTube. Comparing the two advertisements, I first saw the different strategies each company focused on when presenting their product to an audience.

Let’s start with the Beats advertisement. When I first saw this ad on TV, I was captivated immediately. The advertisement doesn’t feel like an intrusive, annoying, disruptive ad. It was enjoyable to watch because it had a story line. Of the five ways that visual communication can engage an audience, this advertisement really focused on entertainment, persuasion and identification. The advertisement entertains an audience like a mini-series which captures their attention with the use of a celebrity athlete. The advertisement persuades the audience to hear only what they want and to use beats products to do so. The “hear what you want” with Beats products tagline is the message of this advertisement. Last, the advertisement focuses on identification. With the use of Colin Kaepernick, 49ers quarterback as the main character in this advertisement, the audience identifies Beats with big time athletes, celebrities and professional sport leagues. The audience for this commercial is probably sport fans or middle-aged men, although I think it appeals to a greater and more broad audience.

The Sony X advertisement was quite different than the Beats advertisement. Although I was interested in the advertisement because I am interested in the product, my attention was not consistently kept by the commercial because it was heavily informative. Sony focused on the informative and enlightening strategies in their ad.  The message of this ad was to introduce this set of headphones released by Sony and to talk about the features. I believe the audience is quite larger for this specific message in comparison the the Beats advertisement. This message seems to be geared towards really anyone with an interest in music which is strategic to sell their product.

As a consumer, I believe the Beats ad was more effective. The message was more simplistic and entertaining. Unfortunately, I think the Sony ad is too much information to present in one advertisement. If I were flipping through channels, I would easily skip over the Sony ad. I enjoyed the beginning of the Sony ad where different people both famous and unknown were talking about their passion for music. I believe the ad was dynamic in the beginning but then flat-lined once getting into the informative side of the product. The Beats commercial struck me as more emotional, captivating and truly gave me chills the first time I watched it. Unless you are against the 49ers, this ad has you feeling bad for Kaepernick and rooting for him the whole time. When the quarterback places the Beats on his head it seems to give him life after being put down by the hating fans outside of the bus. It is the Beats that give him his confidence back to walk through the pack of yelling fans.

If I were to change either ad, there a few things I would tweak. With the Sony ad, I would keep the momentum going in the beginning with the people talking about their passion for music. I would keep this consistent throughout the whole ad and have them speak about why they chose Sony over competitors. Also I would choose a song to put in the ad that will impact the audience and have them identify this song with the product- a song that the audience can enjoy. The only thing I would choose to change about the Beats ad is to maybe choose a more universal celebrity that can appeal to people who do not follow sports. I believe a different celebrity could expand the audience for the advertisement, although I really enjoyed Colin Kaepernick in the ad (and that song is just so damn catchy).  The “hear what you want” commercial is more creative, entertaining and appeals to me much more than the Sony X ad. In addition to the Colin Kaepernick ad, you can check out other “hear what you want” ads done by Beats by Dr Dre that have the same type of story line ad with athletes like LeBron James and Kevin Garnett.


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