Odds & Ends

Sneaux Day

les scene fixed

For my Visual Communications class we just began covering Photoshop and InDesign. Our first assignment was to make a scene combining five different photos. Given the current circumstances, I figured I would do something about the crazy LSU Sneaux days. I first focused on proportion and determined I wanted the almighty Les Miles to be the focal point. After all, only he could be responsible for something so great to happen to the LSU students. I loved being able to implement his famous clap into this scene. I used proximity to organize the photo, keeping the text together at the top of the scene. The emphasis of this scene is the lightning bolt coming from Les’s hands and the famous LSU logo. I aligned the text to further organize the scene with a center alignment. Also, I searched for a purple lightning bolt to tie into the rest of the purple in the scene and to provide contrast from the background.

Photos used:

Les Miles Clap

Memorial Tower

Stormy Sky


LSU logo


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