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tattooDon’t worry Mom, THIS IS NOT REAL.

I can honestly say that I have never had the urge to get a tattoo. I hate needles, and more importantly, I hate the idea of anything in my life being “permanent.” For these reasons, I have never put much thought into what tattoo I would get if I got one.

Even though I would never step foot in a tattoo shop out of pure fear, I was told to “give” myself a tattoo for my visual communications class. No, not a real tattoo, a tattoo in Photoshop. We were instructed to choose a unique font and “tat” ourselves wherever we like. After over 30 minutes of contemplating, the image above is what I came up with.

I chose to place the words “aim higher” accompanied with an arrow pointing up, on my wrist. I liked this idea because it was simple, to the point and easy to read. To me, aim higher means always holding myself to a higher standard. Personal growth and achievement are two things I value very much in my life and always search for. My imaginary tattoo would constantly remind me, even on my lazy days, to not settle.

For this tattoo I downloaded a font that had a more “tattoo-esque” look to it to make the tattoo look more authentic. I also added in a sketch of an arrow to tie the concept together. I chose this font because it was crisp, bold and provided contrast from my arm. I also like how this font is elegant yet strong at the same time. I chose a script style font because the words were simple enough that I felt I could have fun with the letters.

Although I love the idea of “aiming higher” in all that I do, I don’t think I feel anymore inclined than I did before to get a tattoo. My real concern (besides the long needles beating into my skin- getting nauseous just thinking about it) is that I don’t think I can pull it off. Am I badass enough to sport a tat in plain sight for everyone to see? Absolutely. Not.


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