Operation Healthy: Do the Herb

A common struggle that all college students face is staying healthy. I know I was personally terrified to go to college solely because of the “freshman fifteen” horror stories. Fifteen pounds? Just no. How does this happen?! Well pizza and beer is how it happens. Also, dorm food. I never did gain the freshman 15, but it does seem that the second I left high school, I couldn’t eat anything I wanted anymore.

After making some adjustments from my “free-for-all” high school diet, I did see some change. Not much, but change. By no means have I ever been overweight, but who wouldn’t want to lose a few pounds here and there? (excluding those annoying guys that are trying “so hard” to gain weight.  Side note- if you are one of these guys, don’t talk to girls about how frustrating it is that you have to eat 6 meals a day and you still haven’t hit your “goal.” Bye.) Anyway, it wasn’t until this year that I began using a system that has truly made me feel and look better and better the more I use it.

If you haven’t heard of Herbalife, research it. This is an all natural company that makes products ranging from meal replacement shakes & metabolism boosters to skin products and perfume. Crazy right? Well over the past month I began seriously using different Herbalife products, and I am in love. Not only does everything taste AMAZING (there is a mint chocolate chip meal replacement shake… need I say more?) but the products make you feel amazing! No starving yourself, or putting harsh chemicals into your body. Herbalife is all about enhancing your health! I feel that is so hard to find a company or a product these days that you can honestly say has benefited your life, but with Herbalife, I have benefited from every product I have purchased.

SO PEOPLE, especially my fellow college kids that are struggling to eat clean: if you are looking for a solution to living a healthier life, try some Herbalife products. I know you won’t be dissapointed!


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