Odds & Ends

My Talented Friends

There aren’t many things in the world that feel better than catching up with old friends back home… Especially when you find out they are being all that they can be and accomplishing so much. I am starting off my week feeling especially motivated, inspired, and blessed to have such amazing and talented people surrounding me.

My best friend Taylor, ran her second half marathon this weekend in Denver. She ran her first this past summer with her Mom and trained for weeks on end. The marathon she just completed she did by herself, and somehow found time to train in the middle of Rush Week at CU Boulder and school work. I am so proud of her and can’t believe someone can actually run for 13.1 miles… I feel sick just thinking about it. Anyways, I am so proud of you Tay, you all- star runner, you!

My other best friend, Abbey, spent her weekend learning jazz choreography for her dance team CU Express. The dance she learned will be competed at the Universal Dance Association College Dance Team Nationals. It was so great hearing how much she loved learning from the choreographer and how excited she is to move forward with the routine. There is nothing I love more than hearing Abbey talk about her love of dance because I miss dancing with her more than anything. So proud of you Abs, can’t wait to watch you shine like always. Sidebar… You will be 20 years old in one week… that is insane.

Last but not least my good friend, Chanel, spent her weekend teaching for Intrigue Dance Convention in Florida. At first, Chanel assisted Jill Marie Casey Genck (who is absolutely amazing) but this year Chanel is teaching her own class. I am amazed by the endless things this girl is accomplishing, and look up to her in so many ways. Can’t wait to see where you go next Nel!



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